Join us at the 2-days event on 16-17 November 2021
9 technical presentations from 5 continents!

PIANC is the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, established in 1885. As a non-political and non-profit organization, they bring together international waterborne transport industry experts and professionals to discuss the leading-edge technical, economic, and environmental developments in the sector and beyond. They produce high-ranking technical reports on the design, development, and maintenance of ports, inland waterways, marinas and coastal areas to provide the global waterborne transport community with expert guidance, recommendations, and technical advice.

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The topics covered this year will vary from ‘Managing Coastal Protection and Climate Change Adaptation’ to ‘Artificial Intelligence Application on Sediment Transport’. Additionally, the case studies from Brazil and Argentina will be presented.

Our IW-NET consortium colleagues from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FHOÖ) are also involved in this interesting global event. Bianca Borca is part of the Organising Committee. Dr Lisa-Maria Putz is going to make a presentation on ‘Transport Emissions in Freight Transport’. The presentation will start by introducing the audience in the topic of climate change, including European initiatives to handle the challenge, e.g. the European Green Deal. The presentation also contains the contribution of traffic to the overall CO2 emissions, comparisons of emissions and external costs of the different transport modes and the GLEC framework.

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