Comprising 23% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the transport sector is the third largest source of GHG emissions after industry and buildings. As other sectors decrease their reliance on oil and gas, the fossil fuel-dependent transport sector is predicted to become the most carbon-intensive sector by 2040. Without intervention, freight transport emissions will more than double by 2050. If we choose the path towards more efficient freight transport, we have the opportunity to keep transport emissions at a level similar to today.

How will we know if we are on track to meet this goal?
We must commit to tracking and reporting of our carbon emission.

View HERE >> the full presentation on the Sustainability, Inland Waterway Transport, CO2 Emissions & ISO 14083 on our Observatory platform of the IW-NET project.

Lisa-Maria Putz-Egger / FHOÖ
Alan Lewis / Smart Freight Center