EUSDR PA1a & PA11 Working Group on Administrative Processes

Not all Danube riparian states are in the EU/ in the Schengen area. The results are therefore compulsory border checks and customs clearance at the Schengen external border, and outside the Schengen area in Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. As these administrative processes and paperwork are seen as a significant competitive disadvantage for Danube navigation, there is an urgent need for simplification, harmonisation and digitalisation.


Joint Working Group under EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR):

The Working Group on “Administrative Processes” started in 2013.

The activities of the Working Group are based on a joint effort of:
Priority Area 1a – To improve mobility and multimodality: Inland waterways, uniting stakeholders of the shipping industry and public waterway administrations, together with
Priority Area 11 – To work together to tackle security and organised crime: Security, uniting security-related public entities, including border control authorities,

✓ Combines the know-how of control authorities, the shipping sector and experts in the frame of the EUSDR.

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Deniza Staewa